Veteran actress Khursheed Shahid passes away



Observer Report

Veteran actress and celebrated radio presenter Begum Khursheed Shahid and mother of actor Salman Shahid passed away on Sunday.

She was 95. Her funeral prayers were offered at Defence Phase-II, Block-T. She was ill for the last couple of months.

She did her first PTV play “Rus Malai”, which was a comedy, and then she started working regularly in dramas; there’s a long list of PTV classics like Fehmida Ki Kahani Ustani Rahat Ki Zabani. ‘Uncle Urfi’, ‘Zair, Zabar, Pesh’ and ‘Parchaiyan’ are considered some of her best dramas.

Actress Khursheed was born in 1926 and passed away on 27 June 2021. Begum Khursheed is one such distinguished artiste who stands out as the pioneers of PTV. Bold and graceful, she always spoke her mind.

According to reports, she was in grade six when a Congress leader, Aruna Asif Ali, who used to hunt for young talent came to her school and her classmates told the leader about Khursheed’s singing and acting talent and she was later selected for musical performance.

Later, she performed at All India Radio, Delhi, where Feroze Nizami, the famous composer of his time, heard Khursheed singing who appreciated her talent for singing pure Raag Darbari.

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