Secret UK defence papers found at bus stop




Britain’s government said Sunday it was investigating how secret defence documents, outlining the movements of a warship that led to Russia firing warning shots off the Crimean coast, were found at a bus stop in England.

The Ministry of Defence said that an employee told it last week that the documents had been lost, and that an investigation had been launched.

“It shouldn’t be able to happen,” Brandon Lewis, minister for Northern Ireland, told Sky News on Sunday.

“It was properly reported at the time… there’s an internal investigation into that situation.”

An anonymous member of the public told the BBC they found 50 pages of classified information behind a bus stop in Kent, southern England, on Tuesday.

The papers discussed the possible Russian reaction to Britain’s HMS Defender travelling through Ukrainian waters off the coast of Crimea on Wednesday, the BBC reported.

The documents appear to show that the British officials knew the route could lead to a possible reaction from the Russians, but that taking an alternative passage could be considered by Moscow as “the UK being scared/running away”.—AFP

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