Vandalism of Mosques in India


MUSLIMS and their worship places are not safe in India. In recent despicable incidents, Hindu zealots attacked mosques and ransacked homes and shops owned by Muslims in the Indian State of Tripura.

In fact, these are not the first incidents of their kind rather under Modi’s government, these have become more frequent and rampant.

The very hands of Modi are soaked in the blood of innocent Muslims. Whilst his government has broken all records of atrocities and persecution in illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, whatever happened in Gujarat and Delhi riots is known to everybody.

These incidents have only emboldened the extremist Hindus to target Muslims everywhere and Tripura episode is a clear manifestation of it. One should not expect that any action will be taken against those involved in them.

The very silence of the international community on them is also criminal in nature. Had such incidents happened somewhere in a Muslim country, the whole world by now would have imposed economic sanctions on it.

The so- called champions of human rights appear to be very concerned about rights of people in Afghanistan, but they have turned their back towards what is happening with minorities especially the Muslims in India.

Modi government indeed is treading a very dangerous path and as very rightly pointed by President Arif Alvi the other day whilst addressing the Black Day rally in the federal capital that it is digging its own grave.

The new illegitimate structure, which the Hindutva-driven BJP has campaigned for and is bent upon constructing as part of its agenda of converting India into a ‘Hindu Rashtra’, is a scar on the face of so-called ‘largest democracy’ in the world.

Whilst Pakistan has always forcefully raised voice for the Indian Muslims, it is also for other members of the OIC to fulfil their responsibilities in this regard.

A lesson can be taught to the extremist Indian regime by suspending economic and trade relations with it until it corrects the course and provides a peaceful and secured environment to the Muslims, and moves towards resolution of lingering Kashmir dispute.

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