Usman critically injured after horse dies near finish line during Olympic qualifier


Pakistan’s premier equestrian Usman Khan was critically injured while his horse Kasheer died in a serious incident at the FEI Naracoorte Horse Trials CIC-4* Olympic Games Qualifiers in Australia on Sunday.

It is learnt that Usman received multiple external and internal injuries. He is being monitored for internal bleeding.

When the incident happened Usman was taken to Naracoorte Hospital but the hospital lacked X-Ray machines and scanners. He was then shifted to Mount Gambier Hospital in South Australia.

Usman suffered head trauma and reported dizziness, while his ribs were bruised and slurred his words but was still in good spirits.

‘I am alive and so is Pakistan’s Olympic dream,’ he said when this correspondent asked about his health following the accident.

Usman would already have been an Olympian by now along with his former horse ‘Azad Kashmir’ if there was no Covid-19 pandemic that brought everything at halt and delayed the Tokyo Olympics.

The Australia-based equestrian had already confirmed his berth to the Tokyo Olympics with Azad Kashmir on MER basis. But Olympics were delayed due to pandemic and ‘Azad Kashmir’ passed away in September.—AFP