Untreated industrial waste dumped into Keenjhar Lake


City Reporter
Industrial waste from the factoriesof Nooriabad and Kotri industrial areas pose serious threat to Keenjhar Lake – the main source of water
supply to Karachi.Toxic waste and polluted water used by factories being dumped into the Keenjhar lake
without proper treatment since a long time now, sources said. Around 61 industrial units operational in
two industrial zones, have not a single treatment plant The industrial waste of Nooriabad often flows
downstream into Keenjhar when the water level rises in the dam, local people said.The effluents from
the Kotri-based industries also dumped into the lake through the Kalri Baghar Feeder. The waste from
Kotri industries flows into the Keenjhar lake throughout the year, while effluents from Nooriabad
entered in the lake by the yearly torrential gush.It is to be pointed out that another major cause
polluting the lake water is the waste dumped by tourists and visitors to the site as it is a major picnic
point for people but it lacks proper management. “Several thousand people from Karachi visit the
Keenjhar lake weekly,” a local official said.