Prices of chapati, Naan fixed


City Reporter
Karachiites will get chapati and naan for fixed prices now, according to a notification issued
by the commissioner on Tuesday.Naan will cost Rs10 and the price of chapati has been set at Rs8, the
notification says. In his notification earlier, the commissioner had revised the price of flour at Rs45 per
kilogramme and milk at Rs94 per litre. People, however, have complained that the staple food items are
still being sold according at old prices, naan for Rs12 and roti for Rs10.According to the notification,
tandoor owners are now required to keep digital weighing machines at their tandoors so that people
can check the weight of their roti before they buy it.They are also required to display the prices set by
the government at their shops and follow them.Tandoor owners can no more sell roti wrapped in
newspapers or in plastic bags and have to be careful about the hygiene of their tandoors, the
notification added.