Unhygienic food at Islamabad’s Melody Food Park


Citizens of the Islamabad have demanded the authority concerned over the existing filthy sanitary condition of Melody food street which lost its attractiveness with improper disposal of waste and openly roaming wild animals causing serious
hazards to citizens’ health.
Substandard food with poor quality goods are being sold in the melody food park where rats and cats are seen roaming all over the food street.
According to citizens’ complaints, the well known Melody Food Market in Sector G-6, has recently lost its beauty for food lovers due to poor condition of food outlets and negligence of the authorities concerned.
A citizen Ahmed Javed talking to APP said, the cleanliness of Melody market is totally neglected by Capital Development Authority (CDA) officials and they were facing problems due to lack of facilities of proper sanitation.
He added that once this place was ideal for my family gathering but with each passing day its lost its charm as many cats were seen openly roaming there.
A family in Melody Park also shared their views about Food Park that hungry and stray cats are roaming under the tables and around the food with hope to get leftovers.
“The tables and chairs are also sticky with grease and dirt that makes the surrounding disgusting at all”, they said. Another visitor Hasham Ali was once a frequent visitor of this food street but he steadily lost his interest to visit there due to deteriorating cleaniness condition of the food park.
“Cats and rats are found not only under the tables, but they are also seen in the shops posing a question mark on the hygienic value of the food,” said another visitor.
The roads and streets are damaged, dirt is seen everywhere, but shopkeepers are not much vexed about it, they are more concerned with selling their foods and earning profit rather than providing people with hygienic and quality food here, said a citizen Bilal Malik. He added that checking sale of unhygienic food should be a permanent feature of the concerned authorities and special campaigns would be launched to sensitize citizens for avoiding unhygienic food.
Another visitor Kashan Ahmad said these stalls in food park are engulfed with flies and un-washed utensils causing diseases like Dengue, diarrhea, food- poisoning and hepatitis among customers and especially workers of these stalls who spend most of their time here.—APP

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