MCI upgrading public parks, play grounds


Staff Reporter

Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) has started the up gradation of parks, different playgrounds and green belts in the capital city which would considerably add beauty to the city.
Senior official of MCI said through print media advertisement sought suggestions for up-gradation of different playgrounds, beautification of green belts and uplift of different roundabouts of the city to provide improved facilities to its residents and to practically involve the private sector in beautification process of the city.
He said MCI has received a very encouraging and positive response from many organizations, particularly from multinational companies.
He said MCI has started development of an Arabian styled park in union council Lohi Bher which would not only provide recreational facilities but also help promote healthy activities in the area.
Efforts which were initiated by the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) aimed to beautify the city on modern lines and provide state-of-the-art recreational facilities to its residents are bearing fruits now, he added.

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