Ukraine targets Antonivka bridge once again


The Armed Forces of Ukraine landed another strike on the Antonivka road bridge in Kherson Oblast on the night of 13 August.

Humeniuk confirmed that the Ukrainian Armed Forces had already carried out strikes on the Antonivka road and railway bridges in Kherson, as well as the Kakhovka Bridge.

She also noted that these strikes have disrupted all of the existing permanent infrastructure that the Russians used to supply heavy military equipment from the left to the right bank of the Dnipro river in Kherson Oblast.

“This means that the transfer of heavy military vehicles and equipment, as well as ammunition supplies, has been significantly complicated, if not made impossible. We are continuing to establish the exact outcomes [of our actions]. When we have a comprehensive understanding of whether these supply routes can be used, including a confirmation from experts, then we will be able to announce this properly,” Humeniuk said. She added that the military command of the Russian Armed Forces [in Kherson Oblast] “are using the remnants of these transport routes to evacuate to the left bank of Dnipro in order to ensure their own safety.”

Meanwhile, Russia has begun withdrawing troops across a key river to escape a Ukrainian counter offensive, Ukrainian officials claimed yesterday. Vitaly Kim, the governor of Mykolayiv district, said the entire Russian command staff was retreating from the west bank of the Dnipro river that flows through the occupied city of Kherson in the south east. If confirmed, that would leave an estimated 20,000 or more Russian soldiers isolated from their commanders and cut off from supply lines by the half-mile-wide river, over which the main bridges in the Kherson region have been damaged by Ukrainian attacks.—Agencies


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