UBG leaders welcomes revitalization of CPEC


Revitalizing the ambitious CPEC is the need of hour to bring foreign investment in various sectors in Pakistan and expansion of Pak – China bilateral trade relations based on wide ranging bilateral cooperation in various sectors; this was stated by the leaders of UBG Chief Peron SM Munir, President Zubair Tufail, Chairman Sindh Zone Khalid Tawab, Secretary General Sindh Zone Hanif Gohar and Central Spokesman

Pak – China stand together as friends and partners and the second phase of the CPEC to usher in a new era of socio-economic progress that would uplift the quality of people’s lives at a time when the world is grappling with multiple challenges, UBG added.

Pak China friendship withstands the test of time, committed to the all-weather strategic cooperative partnership and has always stood firmly side by side in realizing their shared vision of peace, stability, development and prosperity.

UBG further said that CPEC is also significant in supplementing the vision of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) aimed at ensuring shared prosperity through regional connectivity and integration and will help achieving lasting peace and security in the entire region for economic development.

Further commenting on the importance of CPEC, UBG stressed the need for addressing all issues hampering the project. Both countries under CPEC to work on various issues, including trade and investment, agriculture, health, education, green energy, science and technology and disaster preparedness international environment, which had exacerbated economic challenges for developing countries.

UBG has also advised all trade bodies of Pakistan to create Pak-China Desk in their offices to assist their members in exploring new avenues under CPEC.

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