UAE’s ‘watering bird’ initiative continues for 7th consecutive year


For the seventh consecutive year, the administration of Dibba Al Hisn City of Sharjah has arranged water drinking spots at various points for birds as the temperature continues to soar in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Talib Abdullah Al Yahyai, ​​Director of the Municipality of Dibba Al Hisn City, said that the initiative is being carried out as part of the social responsibility, adding that it is also an extension of the environmental conservation approach to tackle the problem of bird deaths due to extreme thirst.

He said that watering cans are distributed among citizens in order to involve them in the humanitarian work, adding that the cans are refilled regularly to help birds beat the heat.

The kind initiative has won the hearts of people across the world as authorities of the Arab country are being widely praised for their interest in protection of birds.


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