UAE – the safest country


A SURVEY by Gallup Global Law and Order has declared the United Arab Emirates (UAE) the safest country for people to walk at night and in the law and order index it was deemed second just after Norway.

This is indeed the acknowledgment of the vision and far sightedness of the UAE’s leadership which has always prioritized economic development and diversification above anything else.

As a result of prudent policies, the country is no longer reliant fully on oil exports but it has emerged as a global financial and major trading centre, a location of choice for multinational operations, along with a heavily desired tourist destination.

Whilst people from Europe and other countries prefer spending their holidays in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, hundreds of thousands of travellers also use them on a daily basis as transit points for their onward journey.This is all because of the state of the art infrastructure that has been put in place.

Emirates and Etihad Airlines are mostly the first choice for most of the passengers given their excellent services as well as the facilities available both at Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports.

Given our fraternal and close relations, the people of Pakistan are really proud of the achievements made by the UAE over the years but there is also a lesson for us to learn from the good experiences of the Gulf nation.

Whilst most of our people prefer going to the UAE in search of jobs, it has become important that both Pakistan and the UAE join hands to further strengthen their relations in diverse fields for the mutual benefit.

In fact there is immense scope for enhancing cooperation in the agriculture, energy and Information Technology sectors.

Similarly, taking a clue from the UAE’s model, we also need to set up better facilities to exploit the diverse tourism potential of the country.

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