CJP’s categorical statement


ADDRESSING an event in Lahore, Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmad strongly dismissed the notion of any institutional pressure on the judiciary, categorically stating that his court never accepts any dictation.

He further stated that there is rule of law in the country and they will continue to support the constitution and democracy in the country.

The very remarks of the honorable CJP has come in the wake of prominent lawyer Ali Ahmad Kurd’s speech in which he accused the courts of not working independently.

Whilst it has been the practice of political leaders to attack the institutions including the judiciary for their vested interests, it is really unfortunate that those in the legal fraternity have also now joined them.

Apart from Kurd’s statement, the very affidavit of former Chief Justice of Gilgit-Baltistan Shamim Rana, which recently surfaced, has also cast aspersions on the integrity and impartiality of the courts and their judges.

In this backdrop, the honorable CJP’s statement is very important, especially it will have a great effect on the public who knock at their doors to get justice.

The judiciary is an important pillar of the state and scandalizing or launching a smear campaign against it is something which cannot be allowed under any circumstances as it will only erode the trust and confidence of the people on the institution. Such a situation only leadsto anarchy and the enemies of the country take benefit of it.

Everybody is witness to the fact that the top judiciary has showed utmost restraint and never reacted to any sort of criticism on its judgments, and it should be so but any attempt to malign the institution should not go unnoticed.

Confidence and fearlessness is something that should be the real faces in the halls of justice, and undoubtedly the honorable CJP has demonstrated the same.

Its most recent manifestation was seen when the PM was summoned in the Army Public School case. Undoubtedly the courts are working independently but efforts must also be accelerated to ensure swift and speedy justice to the litigants.


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