Two pet dogs get ‘death sentence’ for mauling lawyer in Karachi’s DHA


KARACHI – The two dogs involved in mauling a man in Karachi’s Defence area will pay the cost of their handler’s negligence as they will be euthanized under an agreement reached between the victim and the owner.

Two German Shepherds, which are owned by Humayun Khan, attacked advocate Mirza Akhtar Ali in Defence Housing Authority Phase VI when was out on a morning walk after their handled failed to control them.

A CCTV footage of the disturbing incident had gone viral on social media, demanding action against the owners. The victim had also filed a case against him.

Now, the case has been settled out of the court by both sides under which both dogs have been handed ‘death sentence’.

Humayun and Mirza Akhtar reached an agreement on July 6 as is mentioned on the stamp paper.

As per the agreement, Humayun Khan will tender an unconditional apology to Mirza Akhtar Ali “for the hurt and injury caused to him”.

It was also decided that Humayun and his family shall not keep at their home any dangerous or ferocious dogs as pets.

“Any other dogs kept as pets shall be registered with the Clifton Cantonment Board and shall not venture out on the streets without a properly trained handler and shall be muzzled and leashed at all time, they are outside,” read the agreement.

“The two dogs involved in the incident shall be euthanized/put down by a veterinarian immediate,” it added.

“Humayun Khan shall make a donation of Rs. 1,000,000, to the Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation/ACF Animal Rescue,” said the agreement.

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