Two brother killed by neighbours over ‘tying donkey’

Staff Reporter

Two brothers were shot dead by their neighbours over tying their donkey in the street.
The police informed that the incident occurred in Shakargarh when ten-year-old Shaheer Khan and his teenage brother Shehroz Khan were shot dead by their neighbour.

Ishtiaq Khan, father of the slain boys told the police that his sons were murdered by their neighbours following an argument over their donkey.

“The neighbours did not want us to tie our donkey in the street outside our house because of its smell,” according to the bereaved mother.

Ishtiaq informed that the children were returning home after buying groceries at around 3pm when they were killed. He said he and his brother were sitting at their house when they heard a commotion in the street.

When we came out, we saw that suspects Javed Khan, his wife Aaliya, and their three sons Imran, Irfan and Ali, were standing there with weapons in their hands, he shared.

Imran fired at my son Shehroz which hit him in the stomach and he fell on the ground. After this, Imran and Ali opened fire at 10-year-old Shaheer, the FIR said.

The brothers were moved to the Narowal DHQ Hospital where they succumbed to their wounds.

Ishtiaq said a day before their murder the suspects had told Shehroz to not tie his donkey in the street. They even beat up my son and brother-in-law, he added.

The police have registered a case against all five suspects under sections 302, 148 and 149 of the Pakistan Penal Code. Javed Khan and his wife Aaliya have been arrested while their sons are still on the run.


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