Two Baloch dissidents, found dead in Canada, Sweden were obviously eliminated by Indians


Salahuddin Haider

TWO of the Baloch dissidents, missing since long, have been found dead in Canada and Sweden. Believably they fell prey to Indian machinations, and eliminated after being used for terrorist activities in Pakistan. But the death of Pakistani journalist Sajid Hussain, and of Karima Baloch is shrouded in mystery. “We are investigating into the matter” was simple one-liner. No further explanation was offered, Attempts to find details through long distance calls to northern European State and far flung Canada, were futile,
Body of Journalist Sajid Hussain, living in exile in Sweden, and missing since March 2, was found on April 23 in the Fyris river outside Uppsala area”.
Police spokesperson Jonas Eronen said Karima Baloch, discarded by RAW after her exposure in EU Disinfo Lab reports. Sister of Narendar Modi (Butcher of Muslims). Her video of Raksha Bandhan to Modi, seriously questioned her loyalty and motives. She was dead in objectionable attire which may be exploited to negate her being pious / daughter of Balochistan (habitual drinker),. Her lavish life style in Canada vis-à-vis her means of income is open to question. Any Pakistani, living abroad,who preferred to live abroad has no right to be buried in Pakistan.
Toronto police determined her death as non-criminal and no foul play suspected. But that was all authorities had to say, whereas it was the right of the Pakistani media to look for details for putting the facts before their countrymen. India’s hands which has been using Balochistan for its nefarious designs on Pakistan is too well know by now. Karima Baloch was a Baloch Activist and Pakistani dissident. She campaigned for independence of Balochistan from Pakistan and was included in a BBC list of 100 inspirational and influential women of 2016. Born in 1983, and died on December 22, 2020, her second name was Karima Mehrab.Police say they have no reason to suspect foul play, but Karima’s family and supporters say her death at least warrants closer inspection. The BBC spoke to her family about a woman they called “a mountain of courage”
Karima started her career as activist in 2005, in Balochistan’s Turbat area, where she attended a protest over missing persons and carried the picture of one of her missing relatives. She joined the Baloch Students Organization (BSO-Azad) in 2006, serving in several different positions in the following years,.
She became the chair of BSO-Azad in 2015. During these years, Karima Baloch travelled throughout the Baloch region organizing outreach programs such as protests and rallies. A 2014 OZY article about her says, “In Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital, Karima is seen as a dangerous political actor and a threat to the nation’s security. Meanwhile, a thousand kilometers southwest, deep inside Balochistan, she’s a local hero and a beacon of hope.of an organization apparently patronized by India.
In an interview in 2014, she had a long story as alibi which she claimed that her struggle was for peaceful purpose. The question which traitor or anti-State person ever talked about his or her real intentions. She complained that several of her relatives and loved one wre kidnapped and were presumed dead after being listed among “missing persons.
But she had a history behind her.In 2015, she went into exile after terrorism charges were filed against her..5 In 2016, she was granted asylum in Canada, where she lived until her death in 2020. In 2016, following Indian Prime Minister Modi’s speech on India’s Independence Day in which he mentioned Balochistan, Karima Baloch made a video thanking him, adding “We will fight our own war, you just be our voice”. Isnt this enough to cast doubts about her integrity of love for he country. Whether she was also paid for that, is remains unknown. Raksha Bandhan in Indian terminology is called sister brother relationship. She obviously called Modi her brother and must have sought favours from him, money included.
Baloch had two siblings, a brother and a sister] In Toronto, she married a fellow activist, Hammal Baloch (also known as Hammal Haider). Several members of her extended family have been linked to the Baloch resistance movement Police were reported as saying her body was found near Lake Ontario, but no further details were given.16 CBC News reported that a close friend and Baloch activist, Lateef Johar, said that “officers had told her family she was found drowned in the water”.. It is obvious that finding correct details about her death is difficult indeed.

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