Twitter erupts into memes as ‘Elon Musk’ spotted buying fruits in Pakistan


PESHAWAR – Microblogging platform Twitter is all flooded with hilarious memes as a doppelganger of Twitter CEO Elon Musk was found roaming somewhere in Pakistan.

Pakistan is facing the worst economic crisis but the humor of the countrymen continues to light up despite how bad the situation is. Some even related the ongoing crisis with a man who shares an uncanny resemblance with Tesla’s owner.

As high prices forced many people to stay away from fruits during the Holy Month of Ramadan, social media users got a field day to entertain themselves using pictures of a man being called online as ‘Elon Khan’.

Rib-tickling memes were doing rounds on the internet while some praised Elon for spending some time among the poor to show ‘sympathy in hard times’.

Social media reactions