TTP members extorting money from industrialist arrested


Special Investigation Unit (SIU) claimed to be arrested two ‘TTP members’ accused of extorting money from industrialists from Karachi’s site area on Friday. CCTV footage in which a person can be seen dropping a note for the factory owner, demanding extortion from the factory owners in the site area.SIU Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) arrested two operatives out of eight gang members of extortionists and claimed that the arrested criminals belong to outlawed Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Sajna factions. SSP maintained that the accused were apparently in the water tankers business, while the extorted money was sent to Buner District in Malakand Division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).

Last month, Karachi police arrested ‘wanted terrorist’ of the banned organisation TTP from the Chakiwara neighbourhood.According to the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Arif Aziz, the accused was identified as Saim Umar. A police patrol party observed suspicious activities of a man in the neighbourhood and they stopped him for snap-checking.

During the snap-checking, police officials recovered two hand grenades. The suspect was later identified as a ‘TTP member’ Saim Umer.