Traffic cop catches armed dacoit in city


A traffic cop took a courageous action and caught an armed dacoit in the Aram Bagh area of Karachi.

An armed dacoit was caught red-handed by a traffic cop when he was snatching mobile phone from a citizen at gunpoint. The incident took place in the vicinity of the Aram Bagh traffic section of the metropolis.

A traffic cop, head constable Khizer Mehmood, took a courageous step and caught the street criminal along with a pistol, police said. The dacoit was handed over to the police for further action.

Earlier in September, two ‘dacoits’ were caught red-handed by Karachi citizens near the Nagan Chowrangi area of Karachi.

Two alleged dacoits were captured by locals when they were busy looting citizens near Nagan Chowrangi. Several residents surrounded the alleged street criminals at the crime scene and captured them.

The alleged street criminals were tortured by the locals and later they handed them over to Sir Syed police station. The arrested dacoits were identified as Ali and Adnan.

Police seized arms, mobile phones and a motorcycle from their possession. The wounded criminals were shifted to the hospital for medical assistance, police added.

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