Traders demand restoration of business activities to avoid hunger


Abdul Khaliq Qureshi


Abbottabad traders have demanded from Federal and provincial governments to immediately restore back the business activities to avoid the hunger of hundreds and thousands of traders especially small traders and most of the hidden workers of different trades who are no in these days are passing from the hardest time of their lives due to Coronavirus.
All Traders Abbottabad central leaders Muhammad Ashfaq and Abdul Hameed Khan Jadoon has demanded the relaxation of lockdown by allowing the all trades especially after the announcement of Prime Minister Imran Khan for the revival of Construction Industry, they said that the construction industry of mother of all industries as it pushes up at least 20 trades like Cement Shops, Steel Shops, Iron Stores, Sanitary Shops, Hardware Store, Paint Store, Repairs of machinery Shops and many more and it does not mean the only laborer working as daily wages as the jobs of carpenter, plumber, electricians, and others are stitched with it.
As PM has given 14th April for the start of these activities for which they had demanded to start this immediately and suggested that entire week to be divided and allocated to different trades activities like, on Monday, shops of Sanitary, Paints and Hardware to be opened, on Tuesday, shops of Iron Stores and Steel shop to be opened, Wednesday for the cloth merchants and Garments Store, Thursday for the Shoes, Stationery, Books and Photo Copies and Computer shops and so on remaining days to be fixed after the consultation of trade bodies for barber shops, tailoring shops, etc.
They said the timing for the opening of shops to be from 10-3 P.M daily and all other food outlets, Groceries stores, restaurants, bakeries, and Medical stores to be remaining open from 10-6 P.M daily. With this planning, there will be restricted movements in Bazaars and also allow full-time operation of Goods Distribution Adidas to be allowed 24 hours for the smooth supply of goods to the shops.
Traders said that small traders and most of the daily wages for the last 20 days are penny less and no one has reached them to feed their daily food items and fear the chances of human a tragedy, if it is delayed as 60pc of the small daily earner, are white-collar jobs holders and cannot be treated as daily wages workers sitting in Sabzi Mandi, in front of shops and other points.
They added that at least 40pc female force is also, jobless which h they were earning earlier and they are also a major the portion who cannot be the part of any kind of ‘Packages’ announced by the federal and provincial governments.