Three-day Int’l conference on Punjab history, culture from Monday


National Institute of Historical and Cultural Research (NIHCR) has arranged a three-day conference on “The Punjab History and Culture from Ancient to Modern Times” from January 6 to 8 at Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad. The conference aims at exploring various perspectives in history writing, historical evolution of Punjab (from ancient to the present), Indus Valley Civilization, Harrapan Civilization, Sufis and Saints of the Punjab, Lingual traditions and diversity and Punjab’s archeology.The conference was open to academia, educators, civil society, lawyers, media professionals and political practitioners extending their contributions corresponding to the main scope and themes of the conference. Research papers from different researchers and publications will also be presented, written either in English or Urdu. These research papers will later be published in ‘conference proceedings’. Almost 250 local and international researchers and students of higher education will be attending the conference apart from the presenters, panelists and experts.

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