Three alleged terrorists of Sindhu Desh Revolutionary Army held


Police on Wednesday claimed to have arrested three alleged terrorists of the Sindhu Desh Revolutionary Army (SRA) and seized bombs and other material from their possession.

According to the spokesman, Hussainabad police in a successful operation arrested three suspected accused along with bombs and other material used in carrying out anti state activities.

A team of police, acting on a tip-off, arrested three alleged terrorists Manzoor Ali Shar, Qurban Ali Shar and Manthar Ali alias Pappu Shar belonging to the Sindhu Desh Revolutionary Army (SRA).

The three arrested terrorists were standing with the intention of sabotage where the police acting on a tip-off arrested them, the spokesman said. The improvised explosive devices (IEDs) bombs and other devices have been recovered from the possession of the arrested terrorists,, statement added.

The Sindhu Desh Revolutionary Army (SRA) had claimed responsibility for the recent bomb blasts occurred on railway track at Detha and Kotri Railway Station near Hyderabad and the terrorists arrested today were involved in such bomb blasts. The cases have been registered against the arrested terrorists under the Anti Terrorism and Arms Acts and further investigation is underway while the criminal record of the accused is being checked.

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