Talks should now be held with Taliban govt, not TTP: Rana

Rana Sanaullah arrest

Urges Kabul to fulfill its int’l commitment

Ijaz Kakakhel

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah on Thursday reminded Afghanistan to abide by its international commitments and curb the use of its soil for terrorism against other countries.

The minister expressed these views while addressing a press conference. He said that the National Security Committee had devised a clear policy whereby it will not talk to terrorist organization or engage in negotiations.

Expressing his view, Sanaullah said that instead of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, this time talks should be held with the interim government in Kabul.

The minister also commented that negotiations held in the past with the banned outfits had failed to yield any positive results, despite the fact that talks were held honestly and with optimism.

The minister admitted that the outcomes of talks with TTP were not good. He further said they should now hold talks with the Afghan government instead of the TTP leadership who has taken refuge in the war-torn country. The TTP, which has ideological linkages with the Afghan Taliban, executed more than 100 attacks last year, most of which happened after August when the group’s peace talks with the Pakistan government began to falter. The ceasefire was formally ended on Nov 28 by the TTP.

The minister was also asked about the Afghan government’s announcement that a network of Daesh militants involved in the attack on Pakistan’s embassy in Kabul had been killed in an operation.