Taliban warn US over blacklisting of Haqqani family


KABUL – Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid on Thursday said that a continued blacklisting of the Haqqani family by the US is a “clear violation” of the Doha agreement.

The statement comes after Pentagon officials remarked that some cabinet members of the Taliban-led Afghanistan government or the family members of Jalaluddin Haqqani “are on the US blacklists and still targets”.

Mujahid, in the statement, said “Such remarks by US officials are a repetition of past failed experiments and such positions detrimental for America”.

“The Islamic Emirate considers this position a clear violation of the Doha Agreement which is neither in the interest of the United States nor Afghanistan,” said the statement.

The family of Haqqani “is part of [the] Islamic Emirate and does not have a separate name or organisational setup,” said the statement.

“Similarly, in [the] Doha Agreement all officials of the Islamic Emirate without any exception were part of interaction with the US and should have been removed from the UN and US blacklists, a demand which still remains valid,” it added.

It said that “America and other countries are making such provocative statements and trying to meddle the internal affairs of Afghanistan”, adding: “the Islamic Emirate condemns it in the strongest terms”.

The group urged that these “incorrect policies be immediately reversed through diplomatic interactions”.

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