Student commits ‘suicide’ at Peshawar police station


A student at a Peshawar police station has allegedly committed suicide under mysterious circumstances as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan ordered a judicial inquiry into the matter on Sunday.

The police said that the youngster was arrested from a Peshawar bazaar after being indulged in a fight.

The Inspector General of Police also seconded the local police claims saying that the student was arrested during a fight in a bazar. Police also had recovered a pistol from his possession.

“He committed suicide inside the prison after strangulating himself using a piece of cloth,” the police said adding that they are investigating the entire episode.

The father of the seventh-grade student, Shahzaib, however, rejected the police claims and said that the cops had tortured his son and later hanged his body, claiming that he had committed suicide.

Meanwhile, the Inspector General of Police who was directed to intervene in the matter by the chief minister and Governor Shah Farman has suspended all cops present at the police station during the incident.

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