Some elements trying to defame institutions, says Naqvi

Bashir Ahmad Rehmani

Chairman Jammat Al-Suffa Pakistan and prominent religious scholar Syed Waseem-ul-Hassan Naqvi has said some elements are trying to create differences between masses and government institution to defame our national institutions but the whole nation is standing at the back of our Army and other institutions whereas no any conspiracy hatched by the anti Pakistan elements would not be succeeded at all.

While talking to journalists at Hafizabad, on Monday, he said that our army and law enforcement agencies have rendered unmatched and everlasting sacrifices for protection of our country and the nation.

He said that Pakistan is blessing of Allah and we would have to stand shoulder to shoulder with our Army and other institutions. In the past, under a conspiracy extremism had been promoted in the country which had been converted into religious terrorism, as a result of which, the nation had to pay heavy price in the shape of sacrifices of thousand human lives, he said ant added that now a days, political extremism was forwarding to the terrorism and politician were talking about bloodshed in the country which was regrettable situation.

He appealed the politicians to refrain from such politics which was leading the nation toward bloodshed and urged the nation to remain sincere with our institutions.

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