Smog grips the city LHC stops vendors to use polythene bags


Keeping in view the current situation of pollution in the province, the Lahore High Court has barred fruit, milk sellers and retailers from using polythene bags. The court sought an implementation report from the Punjab Environment Protection Department on the next hearing.
A case related to ban on use of polythene bags was heard in Lahore High Court on Thursday. Justice Shahid Karim issued orders on the request of Abuzar Salman Khan Niazi. The court remarked that the environment department should implement the order banning the use of polythene bags without any discrimination.
The petitioner has taken a stand that the use of polythene bags is increasing the environmental pollution, the environment department is not following the court orders, the court is requested to ban the use of polythene bags completely.
O the other hand Lahore was again in the grip of smog after the atmosphere of the city witnessed filled with pollution.
The city’s total air index of 269 in the morning has now been recorded at 229. Sundar Industrial Area in Lahore declared the most polluted. On the other hand, the ratio of air pollution has been recorded from 465 to 328.
Also 348 in Garhi Shahu, 297 AQI records at the airport. Medical experts have described the atmosphere as unhealthy. In addition, citizens have been instructed not to leave the house without a mask

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