Sindh litfest ends after useful insight to different thoughts

Staff Reporter

The 4th three-day “Sindh Literature Festival” at Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi has come to an end with all the rhetoric.

On the last day of the festival, 12 sessions were held in which a session was held under the name of “Conquest of Sindh”.

In the session, guest Faisal Warraich narrated the history of Sindh and a documentary was also shown. Noorul Huda Shah performed the duties of director. Shabnam Virmani spoke on Abdul Latif Bhittai.

Shergul acted as director, in the session related to Foreign Aid … For How Long? The participants of the meeting discussed in detail about “Foreign Aid and How Long Will It Last”, “Healthy Nation and Women”, “Balochistan a Dialogue”, “Chach Nemo”, “How the Movement Changes”.

On which various participants expressed their views on the topic, Amar Jalil participated in SLF through video link, a resolution was presented in the festival in which Sindh Literature The festival presented its demands.

Speaking at the meeting, Senator Raza Rabbani said that the working people of Pakistan have made many sacrifices for democracy, but I do not think there could be anything more shameful than the climax seen in the Senate.

The House was able to allow anyone to sit and talk, this is a camera gate, he said, adding that we had decided to check the booth to see if there were any cameras.

When we checked, four cameras came out. In October, the government introduced 26 amendments.

Then the President issued a reference, the opinion of the Supreme Court was against the ordinance, he said that there should be complete constitutional rule and the work of the institution should do what it has to do, principles should be adopted instead of political figures.

One of the reasons for favoritism is the loss of academic freedom in universities, student union elections should be held, university representatives strongly opposed the student union, all four provinces were asked to restore the student union, Raza Rabbani added that unfortunately Sindh I could not implement it even though my party was the government, I made the Charter of Democracy for the whole country The NFC award was not brought even after 11 years.

According to the constitution, the NFC has to be brought every five years. The state filed a case against Pervez Musharraf. He does not come to court.

The forces take him to the hospital and out. He said that he was not lucky enough to be nominated for the post of chairman against Sanjarani.

In addition, in the meeting of Heenarray Sajann Saarya, political leader Sasi Palijo said that our 7 votes should not be rejected, PPP is a chain of all provinces, Yousuf Raza Gilani won.

Our allies and the PPP are preparing for the long march, our votes were complete, whatever the PDM decides will be implemented, there was a difference between the candidates and the situation, the presiding officer said.

He said that he would reach Islamabad on the scheduled date and show the stars to the government during the day.

On this occasion, IG Sindh Mushtaq Mehr while talking on the topic of “Child Abuse” said that we do not lack resources but technology.

Need to upgrade, most cases reported in Karachi We have a project called Zainab Has started in which many NGOs are also part of it which proved to be useful for us in the search for missing children, it is difficult to contact people in rural areas for which an app was launched called “Zainab” Alert, IG Sindh said that last year more than 600 cases were registered and we have rescued about 400 children.

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