Sindh govt to launch mega projects to minimise water shortage

Sawan Khaskheli

Sindh Government was taking solid & sincere efforts to start the mega projects for Akram Wah with a cost of 80 billion rupees to minimize the shortage of water of district Badin. These views were expressed by Member of Provincial Assembly, MPA Haji Taj Muhammad Mallah while addressing the participants of the event organized by local organization Laar Humanitarian and Development Program (LHDP) in collaboration with Water Aid Pakistan at Gym Khana Badin to mark ‘World Water Day’ on Wednesday.

MPA said that provincial Government was also considering the issues of the lining of the canals of Badin amid to maintain proper water flow in the canals of district Badin saying that after the completion of these projects, district will meet water some extent. He said that due to the encroachments on the natural water ways of Puran Dhoro, the situation of flooding occurs during the rainy seasons each year. Taj Muhammad Mallah said that many people are suffering from diseases due to use of the brackish water in Badin.

On that occasion, Former District Naib Nazim and leader of growers, Aziz Dero expressed that Badin was facing a severe shortage of water due to which agriculture is completely destroyed. On the other hand, due to the constant lack of water, the sea water was destroying the hundreds acrs of fertile land and the water was becoming vital for human lives which caused a rapid increase of the diseases. He said that the Save the Badin Movement has also been started but the shortage of water yet continuing.

Speaking the audience of the event, Project Coordinator, Water Aid Pakistan Shahnawaz Khan added that WaterAid Pakistan in collaboration with LHDP working on safe drinking water, construction of demo latrines and conducting sanitation activities in Badin. He said that under the ongoing project, we are working hundreds of villages, schools and health centers of Taluka Badin.