Simply giving Zakat, charity and donations not enough: Shabbar


Observer Report


Federal Bureau of Revenue Chairman Shabbar Zaidi on Friday called on the nation to pay taxes as “giving zakat, charity money and donations is simply not enough”. The remarks came as he addressed a symposium in Islamabad, organised by the Sustainable Development Policy Institute.
“I have endured enormous pressure over the past two weeks. I meet 13-14 delegations every day with whom I hold discussions. Everyone says the same thing: ‘Please stop charging all these taxes’. We must realise that simply giving zakat, charity and donations is not enough,” he said, adding, “Everyone is equally liable to pay taxes.” The chairman also asked why such a big deal was being made over the condition of the National Identity Card for shopping worth over Rs50,000. “Everyone is raising a hue and cry over the requirement of showing the NIC for purchases over Rs50,000. Even beggars have identity cards [these days]. What is the problem in showing your identity card?” he asked.
Talking about the economic situation, he said Pakistan has transformed itself into a trading country from a semi-manufacturing country. “We are importing everything from chocolate to mineral water to shoes.