Sikh, Hindu leaders blast Ramesh Kumar for allegations against ETPB

Staff Reporter

Chairman of Pakistan Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee Satwant Singh, former chairman Sardar Bishan Singh and Chairman Hindu Welfare Council Dr Manohar Chand have said that Hindu religion worship places across Pakistan are being well taken care and Hindu community is enjoying complete religious freedom. The Evacuee Trust Property Board has been utilizing all possible resources for welfare and protection of Hindu worship place, which praiseworthy. Chairman Evacuee Trust Property Board Dr Aamir Ahmed and his team have been taking care of the renovation of gurdwaras and temples and all aspects of our religious life.

They pointed out that Hindu and Sikh leaders from all over the world, including India, openly praise the Pakistani government’s measures for minorities, which is a matter of great pride. However, some political elements are fighting for their own interests and spreading negative news which is tantamount to undermine the measures being taken by the Evacuee Trust Property Board on a global level.

Sardar Bishan Singh said that we strongly condemn the baseless allegations leveled against the Evacuee Trust Property Board by MNA Ramesh Kumar for harming the Pakistani minorities by working on someone else’s agenda.

Sardar Satwant Singh said that the entire Sikh nation is happy with the steps taken by the Evacuee Trust Property Board. Hindu leader Dr Manohar Chand has said that the ETPB chairman has won our hearts by restoring and making functional many historic temples and gurdwaras. The Shiva Teja Singh Temple in Sialkot and the Hyderabad Temple are living examples that history will always remember. Hindu leader Amarnath Randhawa said that Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani is trying to damage the atmosphere of interfaith harmony in Pakistan to gain petty vested interest.

The Hindu community across Pakistan has full confidence in the Evacuee Trust Property Board and its chairman. The steps taken by the Chairman Evacuee Trust Property Board are commendable. That is why Hindu pilgrims from all over the world, including India, return from Pakistan with fond memories. The Taja Singh Temple in Sialkot is happy with the steps taken by the Evacuee Trust Property Board for its restoration and the Hindu community is grateful to the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister of Pakistan shold take notice of the Ramesh Kumar’s allegations, which are in fact conspiracy to harm harmony and measures aim for welfare of the minorities in the country.

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