Shibli stresses promoting human values JJ focuses on social issues

Ashraf Ansari

Federal Minister Science and Technology, Shibli Faraz says that there was need to promote human values in the Pakistan society.

He noted there was lot of preaching for rituals but the spirit of these rituals was not reflected in the character of general populace.

The minister was addressing a function here Friday which was jointly organized by the Council of Social Sciences (COSS) and CPO to remember Late Prof. Dr. Inayatullah, a prominent social scientist and founder of the COSS.

Shibli Faraz said, the universities and research organisations should target their research at real issues of the society and the research should be applicable.

In his lecture former Information Minister Javed Jabbar, analyzed various aspects of Pakistani society.

He noted that there were positive trends of amalgamation in Pakistan society in terms of ethnicity but regretted that there were certain pressure groups which were allowed to divide people by preaching extremist ideas. He thought that the extremist ideologies must be curbed.

JJ also identified some social evils that prevailed in the middle class of Pakistan, like tax evasion. He said there was urgent need to overcome such problems.

He said Pakistan society can take pride in its 7000 years old civilization and its resilience to defeat the adversaries.

Pakistan can also be proud of its achievements especially in the field of nuclear technology. He observed that the people of Pakistan needed to achieve progress in other areas of the national life.