SHC bans entry of heavy traffic in Karachi



The Sindh High Court (SHC) has directed the city’s traffic authorities to immediately ban the day-time entry of heavy vehicles on the city’s thoroughfares.During the court proceedings, Justice Nadeem Akhtar remarked that heavy traffic should not be allowed in Karachi from 6am to 11pm. He said that those found violating the rules and entering the city forcibly would see their vehicles impounded rather than getting off with a fine.

The court ordered the city’s traffic authorities to implement these directives immediately. If any institution interferes in the implementation of these orders, the court directed that these institutions should directly approach the court.To counter the rising decibels on the streets of the city, the court directed traffic officials to take action against the loud horns and sirens used by unauthorized vehicles.

The TLTP learnt that the court directed the traffic police to take indiscriminate action, irrespective of whether the cars on which such equipment was installed belonged to MNAs or MPAs.The Karachi Traffic Police (KTP) has stringent policies in place with set times for traffic to ply on the roads of the city.However, in 2022, the police became lenient and allowed heavy traffic during the day – which, per the court, has led to a significant number of accidents apart from increase in daytime air and noise pollution.Prior to 2022, the traffic police strictly ensured that heavy traffic does not ply on the roads before 11pm.

KTP data shows that among the 165 deaths caused due to road traffic injuries, at least 10 people succumbed to injuries when they were run over by or collided by public transport vehicles, another 12 by water tankers, 14 by trucks and oil tankers, and 20 by other heavy-duty trucks. At least 37 people died after colliding with other, light vehicles.

The data establishes heavy traffic was the major factor in road traffic accidents because drivers violate the laws.