Several countries trying to affect peace of Pakistan: Bostan


Enemy states want fight between people and army

President of Forex Association of Pakistan Malik Muhammad Bostan has said that at present every section of Pakistan who loves the country is worried for the country.

The plan was to destroy Pakistan’s wealth and economy and bring it into a state where it cannot run without debt, the enemy succeeded in this, due to which Pakistan’s situation is in front of everyone today.

But thanks to Allah, Saudi Arabia and China saved Pakistan from default by providing us timely assistance.

He expressed these views while addressing a seminar titled “Glory of Pakistan Armed Forces, Strong Institutions Strong Pakistan” at a local hotel the other day.

Former FPCCI president Mian Nasir Hayat Magun, former chairman Abad Mohammad Hanif Gohar, businessman leader Atiq Mir, social leader Zafar Pracha, Haji Masood Parekh and others also addressed the seminar and While businessmen, industrialists, civil society and personalities associated with other sectors participated.

Malik Bostan said that Saudi Arabia and China are ready to invest billions of dollars in Pakistan. Imran Khan should himself make a statement that Pakistan is our army, so we are. He said that the attack on Imran Khan is sad. But even before that there were attacks on Maulana Maududi and Benazir Bhutto but at that time Maulana Maududi and Asif Zardari controlled the matters better.

Malik Bostan said that the enemies of Pakistan want to make the people and the army fight against each other by instilling hatred against their army in the hearts of the people and by spreading unrest and destroying the peace and order of the country and the control of Pakistan by the UNO and the army. They want to roll back Pakistan’s nuclear program by covering it up.

He said that the murderous attack on Imran Khan during the Long March was a part of a foreign conspiracy, Allah did not save him and Pakistan was saved from a major accident. FIR should be registered against.

Last month, the President of the United States had made a statement that Pakistan’s nuclear program is unsafe. God willing, if we do not take care, then India will meet the same fate as Ukraine.

He said that there has been political instability in the country for the past 6 months. Due to the deterioration of the political situation, it is having negative effects on the economy. Getting out of the gray list is a great economic success, but we have not been able to benefit from its positive effects. The process of investment in the country has come to a standstill due to March and deteriorating political conditions.

Former President of FPCCI MianNasir Hayat Magu said that most of the 200 countries of the world are conspiring to affect the peace of Pakistan and our army is a hindrance in their evil ambitions. If there is no security in Pakistan, capital will not come, even if there is a mistake made by someone in the army, then the security of the country should not be jeopardized, the army should also have a role in our every government.

Former Chairman of Abad, HanifGohar, said that we all must unite to save Pakistan, with 10% of India’s army budget and our army is ranked sixth among 196 countries in the world, Bhai’at cannot and will not be our friend in any way. He can look at us with impure eyes because we have a brave army, the world is aware of the bravery of our Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan Navy. Konakam is to be made.

He said that the business community demands politicians to end their differences and unite to make the country stronger. We demand from Pakistan Army not to be neutral but to protect them from external enemies as well as internal enemies. Politicians sit at a table and prepare a plan of action.

Tajir Leader Atiq Mir said that the people are not against the army at all, there was no criticism of the army even after the Dhaka fall, General Raheel Sharif increased the love of the army among the people, if any enemy spreads chaos in a country, the first thing is the army. Misunderstandings are the first tactic against Pakistan, people are not angry with the army, agencies of more than 10 countries are trying to make the situation worse in Pakistan and ISI has kept them in check, Pakistan army is our glory.

ChairmanAll Pakistan CNG Owners, Dealers Association Malik KhudaBakhsh said that we have heard that it was our ISI that chased America from Afghanistan. If it is imposed, the nation will wear a necklace only on the brave forces. Exchange companies Association General Secretary ZafarPracha said that we have to strengthen our institutions, the army is our pride. Totally rejected.


President of Forex Association of Pakistan Malik Muhammad Bostan is addressing the Seminar” Pakistan’s Glory, Pakistan’s Armed Forces, Strong Institutions, Strong Pakistan” Former President FPCCI Naseer Hayat Maggo, Atiq Mir and other guest are also present in the participants.


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