Sedition case filed against trader for social media posts



In occupied Kashmir, a case under sedition charge has been registered against a prominent Kashmiri businessman, Mubeen Shah, for his posts on social networking site, Facebook.
Through his posts on Facebook, Mubeen Shah had appealed to the people to wage a joint struggle against the illegal settlement of non-locals in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.
His posts came in the backdrop of the expedited efforts by the Indian occupation authorities to grant domicile certificates to outsiders after the abrogation of Article 370.
Mubeen Shah wrote on his Facebook account that all villages, mohallas and town committees of Kashmir should come together and ensure that no single non-local gets permanent residence certificate of the territory. He asked the locals to tell all non-Kashmiris to evacuate Kashmir. Mubeen Shah said that all these committees should give clear instructions to the people that anyone who tries to accommodate non-Kashmiris or sell land to an outsider will face social boycott.
Mubeen Shah was arrested on the night of August 4, last year, when the special status of Jammu and Kashmir was revoked, and demands for his release were raised in India and the United States. —KMS