SECP may allow direct listing of companies on stock exchange


The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) is considering a proposal to allow direct listing of local companies on the stock exchange – a route that’s easier than meeting rules required for initial public offerings (IPOs).

SECP Chairman Aamir Khan who proposed the idea said that the regulator is discussing the plan.

If the proposal is approved, it will help companies, especially state-owned ones, looking to sell existing shares as they will not even need approvals from the regulator for the transaction in most instances, he said.

“Direct listing is a concept which is there in developed markets already,” said Khan. “It’s something on our internal drawing board right now.”

The SECP is now working on making real estate investment trust launches easier. The need for a mandatory building completion certificate, seen by many investors as a hurdle, has been removed, Khan said.

Pakistan has not seen any REITs after its debut in 2015. An increase in taxes stymied plans of about eight REITs.

Just like in most other global markets, companies in Pakistan are rushing to tap capital markets for funds, riding on strong investor sentiment. —TLTP