SCCI condemns violent attacks on innocent Palestinians



Faisal Khawer Butt

Senior Vice President of Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Khuram Aslam strongly condemned violent attacks by Israeli forces against the innocent Muslims of Palestine.

In a statement he further said that the ferocious attacks perpetrated by Israeli Forces against innocent worshipers in the Al-Aqsa Mosque and unarmed civilians and children in occupied territories are against humanitarian norms and International law and that the Sialkot Business Community strongly condemned this act of cruelty.

Khuram Aslam emphasized the need for urgent steps to be taken by the international community in order to stop the Israeli Attacks and protect the civilian population.

He said that the Business Community of Sialkot would stand beside the people of Palestine and salute to their courage & bravery who were facing all brutality with valor.

He stressed that the Government of Pakistan should adopt a clear stance in the United Nations and the other International Forums.

He also said that the Government of Pakistan should give a clear message to all the International Community that such oppressive ways were not acceptable to the Muslims.

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