SC called Imran ‘liar, violator of Constitution’: Maryam


Says former PM’s politics and narrative finished

Hailing the Supreme Court’s “historic” decision, Pakistan Muslim League-N Vice-President Maryam Nawaz Sharif on Thursday said that the top court called former prime minister Imran Khan a “liar and violator of the Constitution”.

Addressing a public gathering in Kallar Syedan, Rawalpindi, she said that the decision has effectively finished Imran Khan’s politics, adding that those who breach the constitution of Pakistan must be tried under Article 6 of the Constitution and be given exemplary punishment.

She said that the apex court also finished the PTI chief’s narrative of the “foreign conspiracy”. “The Supreme Court judge said he [Imran Khan] never gave proof of conspiracy. If he had any proof he would have presented as there is no better forum than the Supreme Court to validate his claim,” she added. “Now he [Imran] is crying about rigging. The person who lost all by-polls to the PML-N during his own tenure is saying there is rigging. Imran Khan is the founder of rigging in Pakistan.” Maryam, quoting Imran Khan’s address, said that he saw a picture of Nawaz Sharif on a motorway. “How would you not see that picture [of Nawaz Sharif]. He resides in people’s hearts. You will see his pictures in every home.”

Taunting the former premier, she said that Nawaz Sharif had built the motorways Imran Khan was using to arrive for his public gatherings, adding that the former premier is an “enemy” of the people of Punjab and Pakistan. “You must throw him outside the borders of Punjab [via by-polls],” she urged the participants.

The PML-N stalwart said that Imran Khan had laid landmines for the incoming government which caused the leadership to take tough decisions but added that the coming days will bring good news.

“Today, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif will address the nation and reduce the prices of diesel and petrol,” she added.

Lashing out at Imran Khan, Maryam said that he keeps asking to reduce petrol prices. “What do you have to do with it? You kept increasing oil prices for four years. Taking care of the masses is our responsibility now,” she added.

She further said that those who used to say we didn’t come to power to look after prices of potatoes are now telling prices of different commodities during their addresses.

“I urge the government not to end the matter here, Article 6 and treason cases should be prosecuted against the PTI leaders, they should be punished so that no one can violate the constitution in future,” She added.

She went on to say that her party will defeat incompetence, inflation and corruption and the PML-N has already won. On July 17, there will be a competition with Punjab’s enemy Imran Khan and “Fitna Khan” is another name of anarchy.


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