Sarwar foundation distributes sleeping bags



Staff Reporter

The Sarwar Foundation has started distributing sleeping bags and jackets among poor people who sleep on the sidewalks in the provincial capital Lahore. In the first phase, 15,000 jackets and more than 1,000 sleeping bags are being distributed.
On the direction of Governor Punjab’s wife and Sarwar Foundation Chairperson, Mrs Perveen Sarwar, a team led by Executive Director Sarwar Foundation Farhiha Shahid visited the areas near Badami Bagh, Data Darbar and Laxmi Chowk. Jackets and Sleeping bags were distributed amongst the poor who were sleeping on the sidewalks.
While talking to the media, Chairperson of Sarwar Foundation, Mrs Perveen Sarwar said that with the construction of ‘’PanaGahs’’ (Shelter homes) in Lahore and other cities, the number of people sleeping on the sidewalks of the roads has definitely reduced.
We have started distributing sleeping bags and jackets amongst the homeless to save them from the cold in this severe winter season. Begum Perveen Sarwar further said that in the first phase 15000 jackets and more than 1000 sleeping bags will be distributed and in the coming days we will distribute sleeping bags and jackets to poor families in other cities of Punjab as well. She said that philanthropists should come forward in this noble cause and help the needy families. Sarwar Foundation is also working for the provision of health facilities and clean drinking water to the poor families.
With over 2 million beneficiaries, Sarwar Foundation is the largest provider of Clean Drinking Water in the country, she added.

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