Saeed Ghani says most of PTI members opted not to vote JI



Sindh Minister for Labour and Information, Saeed Ghani on Sunday said that the PPP have nine members less if the PTI and Jamaat Islami join hands

“We didn’t seek support from the PTI, we are being blamed of arresting the PTI members to prevent them from vote,” Saeed Ghani, PPP Karachi President said in a media talk.He said that the majority of PTI members had earlier clarified that they would not vote to Jamaat Islami. They also said that the PPP’s mayor will be in better position to address the problems of Karachi, People’s Party leader said. “They said they won’t give their shoulders to the JI,” Ghani said.

“Jamaat Islami was claiming that the PPP have delimited constituencies. The governments were always entrusted to carve out constituencies for local elections but now the law has changed, and the election commission was responsible for delimitation of the constituencies,” provincial minister said.“The JI should bring its mayor if it gains majority of the house,” he said. “If they fail to win vote, they should concede to the results with open mind,” he added.

It is to be mentioned here that Saeed Ghani in a media talk on Friday had invited those leaving Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to join the Peoples Party.

He said that the PPP will welcome those quitting PTI for their differences with party and agenda of its leadership.