Ruling MPs strongly react to Imran’s statement on Pakistan


Waseem claims IK’s statement was wrongly presented

Ijaz Kakakhel

Taking note of Imran Khan’s statement in which he stated that the country may be divided into three parts, the ruling senators on Thursday strongly reacted and condemned it.

“Imran Khan has lost his mind after losing the coveted post of prime minister,” Tarar said initiating a debate in the Senate after suspension of agenda items. He said Pakistan would exist forever. He accused Imran of violating his oath regarding the protection of national interests and country’s secrets. “Imran Khan lost power following losing the support of his allies. He was ousted from power after losing no-confidence motion.

The current government assumed powers in a legitimate and constitutional way after success of no-confidence motion,” he said urging superior judiciary and institutions to take notice of Imran’s statement as his utterances were creating unrest among general public. Senator Asif Kirmani said Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad was against the creation of Pakistan but after creation of Pakistan he urged country’s leadership to work for betterment of Pakistan and strengthen it. “PTI invaded parliament, PTV headquarter building, hung dirty clothes in front of Supreme Court building during their 2014 sit-in,” he said criticizing Imran Khan.