Imran urges establishment to intervene to ‘save the country’

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Accuses Govt, ECP of resorting to pre-poll rigging

Tariq Saeed

Observing that the country was going through the extremely crucial face of its history where its interests have been compromised, the former Prime Minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Thursday urged the establishment to intervene in order to save Pakistan from getting bankrupt.

“The establishment must intervene to save the country from bankruptcy where the current rulers are pushing it towards”. The former Prime Minister warned while addressing a public rally in Shangla district where he also hinted at giving next date for the 2ndphase of Azadi March on Saturday when he will address a public meeting in Dir district.

Imran said the country’s ideology was compromised and the “puppets” of the US were imposed on the country through US-backed conspiracy. ”We are getting prepared to rid the nation of people who are part of this imported government; everyone must get ready for my call to march towards Islamabad”. PTI Supremo said.

“I want to give a message to the establishment that if it wants to remain neutral let it be, but the nation knows that real power in the country rests with you and the history will not forgive you if you remained neutral when the country is slipping towards bankruptcy owing to policies of the incumbent rulers”. PTI chairman said. Khan said that the Haqiqi Azadi movement will continue till the fresh elections in the country are announced .He said that the Soviet Union also disintegrated because of its weak economy despite having sophisticated arms. PTI chairman said he will finish organization of the party in Peshawar till Saturday, adding that the next phase of Haqiqi Azadi movement in its rally in Dir the day after tomorrow.

Imran criticized the government for raising fuel prices and ignoring purchase of fuel from Russia owing to US’ pressure. He said that the incumbent government could not take any decision without US permission. “The Puppet Prime Minister fears that his wealth stationed abroad would be seized if he goes against the US”. Khan alleged.

He blamed the incumbent government for compromising on th Kashmir issue by recommencing trade with India without revocation of its measures in disputed Kashmir. He also accused the government and the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to have planned for pre-poll rigging in the next general elections.

“The imported government is bent upon ruining the state institutions including the police. They are conspiring with the support of the election commission to rig the next elections and trying to ruin democracy in the country”. Imran feared.

Imran said the people have proved during the PTI’s long march that they are independent and are not afraid of brutal tactics adopted by the government led by Shehbaz Sharif and Rana Sanaullah.

“The people stood their ground despite extreme shelling through expired tear-gas during the long march towards Islamabad to convey their message that they would not accept slavery and imported government”.