Robber caught red-handed from Korangi



Police on Saturday arrested a street criminal red-handed in the area of Korangi. According to details, the robber was looting the citizens in Korangi, when a police party arrived at the scene. Seeing the police, the robber tried to flee.

The police opened fire at him and arrested him in injured condition. The robber after first aid has been shifted to the police station.

Earlier in the month of July, last year, four locals of Korangi area of Karachi grabbed a hold of robbers trying to flee the scene of the crime in the vicinity of Bilal Colony police station.

The robbers were on a motorcycle but were intercepted by four locals who got alerted to the robbery by the man who they had just mugged.

The victim had started shouting and making noise after being robbed, four young residents of the locality chased the criminals on their own motorbikes and caught up with them.


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