Road to perdition | By Shah Fahad


Road to perdition

A ceasefire agreement was reached between Israel and Hamas last Friday ending an 11-
day long war.

Hamas fired rockets and IDF bombarded Gaza, resulting in civilian casualties and damage to the infrastructure.

The neighbouring country Egypt proposed the short-lived ceasefire agreement, which has a history of carrying out mediation role between Hamas and Israel.

Several hours into the ceasefire, after the Friday congressional prayers, the Israeli authorities fired rubber bullets and tear gas in the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The event surely raises questions on the effectiveness of the future ceasefire agreements, the role of the mediating parties, and seriousness for peace.

After the ceasefire, Reuters reported that residents of both Gaza and Israel were doubtful that peace would last any longer.

The reason behind this uncertainty is that the people of Palestine have been living under this belligerent regime ever since they opened their eyes.

It was not the first time that the Zionist Establishment of Israel targeted civilians; their hostile occupation has been built upon harassing women, abducting children, demolishing hospitals and schools.

Egypt that provided the framework for this ceasefire has fought four wars with Israel from 1948 to 1973 and remained bitter enemies until the 1980s after which both countries developed good diplomatic relations and cooperated in terms of security and intelligence.

Although the general perspective of Egyptians is extremely negative about the state of Israel, the establishment of the country holds a soft corner for the Zionist state. The state-owned media outlets avoid criticizing Israel

The Egyptian regime has also listed Hamas as a terrorist organization and Abdel Fattah himself is considered to be the most pro-Israeli head of state of all time.

Egypt also detains pro-Palestinian activists and in some cases even without a trial. A dual citizen of Egypt and Palestine Ramy Shaath is one such example who was detained in 2019 and was kept without a fair trial.

It clearly shows a tilt towards Israel, the Fatah regime itself is a party to this issue and should not be considered as a mediator.

Being the single most important ally of Israel, the US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamila Harris clearly stated that Israel has every right to defend itself.

After the ceasefire, Joe Biden emphasizes enhancing Israel’s defence and approved military assistance.

Instead of showing interest in permanent peace, the US is actually shifting gears on the highway to hell.

The US has always favoured the State of Israel and many US Presidents in the past remained under their influence.

The 40th President of the US Ronald Reagan was such a big admirer of Netanyahu’s book titled “Terrorism: How the West Can Win” that he used to suggest this to all senior figures in the Administration.

To measure the extent of Israeli influence on the US, we can look back at the video from 2010 shared by Washington Post which speaks volumes about Israeli influence on American politics, in the video Netanyahu can be heard saying “America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction, they will not get in their way”.

Interestingly in the same video, he also revealed that he was not willing to accept the Oslo Accords in true spirit and that he considered “the entire Jordan Valley as a military zone.” The Zionist influences run so deep that Washington can ignore their own interest.

In 1967, the Israeli Air force attacked a US technical research ship, killed staff on-board, and caused serious damage to the ship.

That was clearly an act of war but, of course, in this case the White House accepted the apology of the Israeli government, labelling the attack as a mistake.

Hamas, which portrays itself as the sole defender of Jerusalem, has proven to be a good source of propaganda for the Zionist State.

Hamas-Fatah conflict for power divided Palestine into two parts, which also goes in favour of the Israeli Administration. In a way, Hamas has also caused damage to the cause of Palestine instead of nurturing it.

When none of the parties involved is serious about peace, then the people of Palestine will continue to be persecuted and displaced from their rightful homes.

No ceasefire agreement will be able to ensure the safety of those kids who are abducted at night on charges of throwing stones.

The hypocritical world that seems to be united against racism does not consider atrocities against innocent Palestinians racist attacks.

Any argument against the hostile Zionist ideology is termed as anti-Semitic rather than anti-Zionist.

As far as this sanctimony exists, peace in Palestine is a dream of a fool.
—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Karachi.