Resurgence of Taliban


WHILE Pakistan is pursuing talks with TTP in Afghanistan, fears are again being expressed of the re-emergence of Taliban in Swat and Dir areas.

Separately, four security personnel were martyred in a suicide attack on their military convoy in Mir Ali area of North Waziristan the other day.

Whilst condemning the attack, the civilian and military leadership expressed the resolve to eliminate the menace of terrorism.

There is no denying that our defence forces have registered unprecedented successes in the war against terrorism due to anti-terrorism operations as a result of which peace largely stands restored in the country.

However, the latest terror acts including reports of resurgence of Taliban in Swat and Dir should ring alarm bells in the quarters concerned.

The areas of Swat and Dir were cleared by the military in the tenure of PPP. The latest reports, however, suggest that the civilian set-up failed to take necessary security measures following the Army handing over control of the areas to the civil administration back in 2018.

It also indicates the failure vis-à-vis implementation of the National Action Plan. Before it is too late and they start dictating their terms and challenge the writ of the state, the security forces must act immediately to crush the militant elements from Swat and Dir in order to give a sense of security to the local population.

Similarly, there is a dire need to keep a close eye on the tribal districts. The suicide attack on military convoy in Mir Ali suggests that the sleeper cells of terrorists still exist in these areas which need to be crushed with full force.

The intelligence agencies must fulfil their responsibility to nab these elements and their foreign handlers.

Whilst we welcome talks between the government and the TTP but these should be conducted from the position of strength.

The group should be informed in categorical terms that they will have to stop their terror activities within Pakistan and shun links with India for the dialogue process to move forward. Talks should be held only within the constitutional framework.


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