Resonance of Imran’s audio leak on horse trading to increase every day


Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb on Friday said the third audio leak of PTI Chairman was really an affront for Imran Khan and its resonance would enhance with every day.

Imran Khan did play a serious game with national interests and security with his devilish tricks to achieve ulterior motives, she said while addressing a press conference.

Lambasting the PTI chairman, she said that buying the conscience of elected members of the parliament used to be a ‘shirk’ for Imran but now it was a ‘Sawab’ after Imran’s audio leak on horse trading.

Imran Khan was the leader of ‘Jaib Bharo’ movement and not ‘Jail Bharo Movement’, she said while referring to his claim of Jail Bharo movement. “A slave to watches, rings, a few pieces of land, diamonds and having lust for power, had no right to take an oath of true freedom from the people”, she opined.

She said how ironic it was that a person who violated the constitutional oath of the office of the Prime Minister, was taking an pledge (oath) from the people. Imran Khan after coming to power made the country an economic subservient, destroyed the national economy and now he had agenda apparently against the nuclear Pakistan, she remarked.

She said that PTI chairman Imran Khan was lying on daily basis and trying to befool the people. The minister opined that Imran Khan thought that by lies on regular basis, would make people believe at a later stage. She said that the government team was now feeling exhausted in countering the fallacies of Imran, but he was never seemed tired.

She said that in the recent past the audio of Imran Khan was leaked in which he said that the PTI leadership would play with the cipher but would not mention the name of US. “This audio leak was an affront for Imran Khan’s narrative of real freedom, which echoes every day but falls on deaf ears of Imran Khan,” the minister said.

She said that Imran Khan took advantage of the people who listened to him as he took them as just fools. He befooled the people with lies, he befooled the people by playing his so-called tricks, she added.—APP

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