Resolve to defend Pakistan



THE nation on Sunday reiterated its resolve to safeguard Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity at all costs as it marked the third anniversary of the ‘Operation Swift Retort’ under which the defence forces gave exemplary response to India’s ill-conceived military airstrikes inside Pakistani territory.

Reflecting the national resolve to defend the motherland at all costs, both civilian and military leadership put across a firm message that Pakistan is a proponent of regional peace and stability but its desire for peace is accompanied by strong resolve and capability for self-defence.

The Indian aggression was a stark reminder that the security and integrity of Pakistan faced perpetual threats at the hands of an enemy that has not reconciled with the reality of an independent and sovereign Pakistan even after 75 years of the partition.

The attack and the befitting response of the defence forces is worth remembering as it highlighted Indian designs against Pakistan and the country’s ability to defend itself.

The strong response that the blatant aggression got conveyed a loud and clear signal across the eastern border that Pakistan might not have the matching defence capabilities in the conventional weapons (which prompted India to indulge in aggressive behaviour) but there was no match to the spirit and high morale of Pakistani people and its defence forces that are determined to offer any sacrifice to foil designs of the enemy.

India was under false impression that its action would go scot-free because of its military superiority but the lesson that Pakistan Air Force (PAF) gave would be difficult to forget for the Indian establishment and other war-mongers.

It is in this backdrop that Prime Minister Imran Khan has declared in unequivocal words that the Government was resolute and unwavering in its commitment to the security of the country and the nation.

Similarly, Director-General Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Babar Iftikhar has also aptly pointed out that achievements of PAF in shooting down two Indian fighter ac, detection of Indian submarine at sea by Pak Navy and resounding response at Line of Control by Pak Army are a testament to professionalism and determination of Pakistan defence forces for the defence of the motherland.

No doubt, Pakistan and India can benefit immensely by engaging in dialogue in an attempt to resolve their disputes through peaceful means but we cannot and should not lower our guards as far as effective defence of the country is concerned.

What is happening to Indian Muslims these days (who are being discriminated and denied all symbols of their Muslim identity) should serve as an eye-opener for those who have a slightest of doubt legitimacy of the two-nation theory or Pakistan’s ideology that formed the genesis for creation of a separate homeland for Muslims in South Asia.


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