Rehmatul-lil-Alameen Authority


ADDRESSING a conference to mark the beginning of 10-day Eid Miladun Nabi (SAWW) celebrations, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the formation of Rehmatul lil Alameen Authority to portray the true image of Islam to the world and disseminate lessons from the life of the Last Prophet (SAWW) to the people.

Indeed, our Holy Prophet (SAWW) gave the message of peace and harmony through his character and teachings for peaceful coexistence in the society but the irony is that being Muslims, we could not spread and transmit that message to the wider world in true sense.

The result is that misperceptions exist about Islam in the western countries today because of the acts of some individuals.

These misperceptions have also given rise to Islamophobic incidents and hate crimes against Muslims in recent years.

Taking the form of attacks on mosques and Islamic centres, verbal and physical abuse of Muslims in the streets and workplaces and other negative attitudes against the Muslim identity, Islamophobia constitutes a major threat to the universal human values on which modern and contemporary societies stand.

It even undermines the freedom of thought and religion these societies cherish as a key part of their value system.

In this backdrop, the Prime Minister’s decision to constitute Rehmatul-lil-Alameen Authority comprising scholars from different parts of the world, is a step in the right direction to tell the world what Islam really means and what are its true teachings.

It is also for other Muslim countries to support this important initiative of PM Imran Khan and contribute to make the Authority an effective platform to serve the purpose for what it is being created for.

Scholars from all schools of thought should be given representation in it besides followers of other religions should also be engaged to promote interfaith harmony.

Another responsibility of the Authority will be to monitor the syllabus of the schools. Given the invasion of foreign culture, it has really become important that the children are taught about their religion from the very beginning.

The syllabus of our educational institutions should be such which connect our youth with Islam. It will also greatly help address the issue of sectarian discord and promote tolerance in the society.

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