Record of Hamza Shahbez’s residence in JECS LDA terms area out of its purview

Amraiz Khan

The LDA authorities on Wednesday refused FIA to provide land record of Hamza Shahbaz’s residence situated in Judicial Employees Cooperative Society (JECS), taking the plea that the area was out of its jurisdiction.

It is to be noted that the FIA had sought records during the investigation of the money-laundering case against Hamza and Shehbaz Sharif. The LDA sent a written reply to the FIA in this regard.

According to details, the LDA has declared the Judicial Colony, the private residence of Hamza Shahbaz Sharif, out of its purview.

A written report was sent on the request of FIA records in the money laundering case. The FIA had sought complete records of Plots No 48, 49, 50, 51 of the Judicial Employees Cooperative Society (JECS).

The LDA has held the management of the cooperative society responsible for providing all the records. According to the letter, the record of acquisition and transfer of four plots of two kanals is with the Judicial Employees Cooperative. According to the letter, LDA has no record of transfer of plots and payment of dues.

On the other hand, on the occasion of World Democracy Day, Opposition Leader Punjab Assembly Hamza Shahbaz said: “On Democracy Day, I salute those who are striving for democratic values and rule of law and constitution and respect for Parliament.

Democracy is not just a system of government but is also ensues and guarantees human rights and is the path to their prosperity.”

The government imposed on the people is snatching from the people their basic rights instead of giving something. All sections of the country, including journalists and doctors, are fed up with the government and are protesting, he claimed.

He said that inflation has gone out of control and more than 13% inflation has made the people live miserable, adding that attitude of the government is dictatorial instead of democratic. “This is a sign of fascist thinking.

Unfortunately, at a time when democratic values and freedoms are at stake in the country, it is necessary to reiterate on Democracy Day that we will continue to strive for real democracy in the country, which is aimed at the welfare of the people.”

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