Record high floods kill 28 people, damage 53,328 houses, 78,761 acres land in Dera


The recent floods caused by unprecedented heavy monsoon rains left a trail of destruction with infrastructure shattered, several villages submerged, agriculture land destroyed and several killed in Dera Ismail Khan. A report shared by Deputy Commissioner Office reflects that the recent floods left a total of 53,328 houses damaged, 78,761 acres agricultural land affected, 28 persons dead, 67 injured and 9651 livestock perished in the district.

The areas affected in Daraban Tehsil included union councils Chaudhawan, Musa Zai Sharif, Daraban, Bhukki and Gandi Umer Khan where 4985 houses were damaged, 240 acres of agricultural land affected, 5 people died, 3 injured and 125 livestock perished. The affected union councils in Darazinda included Darazinda, Mughalkot, Kohi Bahara, Morgai, Sheikh Mela where 4105 houses were damaged, 535 acres of agricultural land affected, 6 people died, 10 injured and 425 cattle heads lost.

Similarly, the affected union councils in Paroa Tehsil included Mahra, Kiri Shamozai, Paroa, Malana, Miran, Naivela and Lunda Sharif where 28,000 houses were damaged, 48,000 acres of agricultural land affected, 4 people died, 16 injured and 101 cattle heads killed. The affected union councils in Dera Tehsil included Yarik, Kech, Mandhra, Shor Kot, Hisam, Muryali, Dewala (Urban), Kotla Saidan, Zindani, Ratta Kulachi, Korai, Chahkan, Giloti, D.I.Khan City, Kachi Paind Khan, Jhok Basharat, Dera Dehat and Lachra where 4,100 houses were damaged, 9,000 acres of agricultural land affected, 8 people died, 33 injured and 450 livestock were swept away.

Moreover, in Paharpur Tehsil, the floods affected different union councils including Dhap Shumali, Lar, Kot Jai, Kiri Khaisore, Kat Garh, Bigwani Shumali, Band Korai and Paharpur Town where 4,999 houses were damaged, 15,000 acres of agricultural land affected, one person died, four injured and 7,500 livestock perished. In Kulachi Tehsil, the affected union councils included Looni, Kulachi Town-II (Urban), Kulachi Town-I (Urban), Hathala.—INP

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